Playing with Fire, pt 1

Whew! Can you believe it is halfway through May already? Wow. I’m so glad for the beautiful weather…finally!

So I’m a little behind the other Story Orgists (is that a word? lol)…but here is the first installment of my Super Hero story. I chose Cinders Osbourne’s prompt: Ability – breathing fire, Situation – a lonely geek (they are trouble, aren’t they?!), Random Object – Bear Claws (the food)…


Ian Buchanan startled awake as blinding light flashed through his open bedroom window. He held his muscles tight, though his heart galloped in his chest, sifting through information as he reeled it in. It was still full dark. The light had gone as quickly as it appeared. He couldn’t hear anyone in his house, or outside of it, not yet anyway. A quick glance told him his clock read four o’clock.

Then a car door slammed. Had he heard an engine? Footsteps echoed on pavement, then on a wooden porch. There was a low grunt as a key slid into its slot, then its door opened and closed.

Ian relaxed back against his bed, his heart rate leveling out again. Jesus, was his neighbor just making it home?

Seriously, that guy worked too much. Or was it that he worked too late? Because really his neighbor didn’t work a ton of hours, just weird ones. Ian grinned. It had only been a couple months since Jack Bradley had moved in to the little rental next door, but Ian was in full-on lust mode where the scientist was concerned.

Jack was tall, lean…sexy as sin, in that nerdy kind of way. He had dark hair and darker eyes with a smile that nearly turned Ian into a simpering mess when it was graced upon him. Ian’s cock plumped a bit as a mental image of Jack surfaced. Pale, smooth skin disappearing under whatever t-shirt Jack had pulled on, jeans hugging an ass made for grabbing. Mmmm. Ian ran his fingers lightly over his erection, fully alert now, enjoying the pulse of need that whipped through his belly.

He imagined those full lips pulling back in a tilted grin just before they wrapped around his cock, sucking him in, blowing his mind with heat and spit and tongue. Ian could feel the graze of teeth, just enough sting to edge the pleasure with something more. He hissed as his hips bucked off the mattress, chasing his fist as he pumped over his length, spilling his cum over his fingers.

Ian’s breath came in gasps, his lungs searching for air. Good God. If daydreaming caused this kind of orgasm…he needed to find a way to get Jack into his bed. He needed real skin on skin contact with the man himself. He needed to make that smile his.

Ian frowned slightly. His euphoria waned as he thought about Jack and that smile. Or lack thereof.

Because now that Ian really gave it some thought, in the last week or so, Jack hadn’t smiled at all. Not even an absent one. The circles under his eyes spoke of lack of sleep – not the good kind with lots of sex to balance out the tired, but the stressful kind with worries and fears to go along with it.

What was going on in Jack’s life that would cause that kind of change?

Ian grabbed a tissue from the box on his nightstand and cleaned himself off before climbing out of bed. He stood at the window, staring at the bungalow next door, with its soft light spilling from a kitchen window. Sure, he wanted Jack in his bed, but he wanted Jack happy. Smiling. More than anything.

He ached to be there at the end of the day – or night, rather – when Jack came in the door, to smooth away the worry and ease away the sleeplessness.

Ian pressed his forehead to the cool glass in front of him. Maybe it was time he stopped holding back, stopped listening to his father’s words as they echoed in his head. Don’t waste your time on the Commons, boy. They don’t understand what it’s like to be more and it’ll only lead to heartbreak.

Ian’s lips pressed hard together. Holding back had only led him to being a twenty-five year old virgin. He was ready for more. Ian glanced down at his hands, lifted one, and snapped his fingers to produce a tiny blue flame that hovered just above his skin. He was ready for a different kind of heat.

And if, in the end, Jack broke his heart…he’d mend. Probably.



Gearing up…and moving forward.

Hmm, you know, it feels good to be in front of my computer working on a new blog post. Even last month I had thought that I wouldn’t do this again for a while (years, honestly), but plans and moods change – much like my beloved Michigan weather. Things are looking up here. The temps are rising, the snow is melting, and finally we can feel the warmth of the sun on our faces.

I am giving my blog a similar make-over. I’ve lifted the blinds, opened the window for some fresh air, and I’m changing the tone of what you’ll see here. I hope you’ll hang in there with me while I do it. :)  Yes, I’ll be posting small snippets of the stories I am working on, even joining in on occasion with my Story Orgy friends for SO Mondays. But you’ll see more of “me” here too. I’ll post recipes, cameos of my kids antics, and memes too. I won’t promise to do all of it every week, and sometimes (thanks to life in general) I might not post at all, but I will rarely be gone long without a reason.

So, to those who have been loyal readers & friends – thank you for tolerating my hiatus. To those who are new to Em Woods – thank you for giving  me a chance.

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